The chorister education takes place within the structure of ‘classes à horaires aménagés’ . The musical cursus is followed at the Toulouse Conservatoire in partnership with the College Michelet for their general education.
The pupils of these specialist classes (choristers, instrumentalists and dancers) receive their education in an annexe of the college within the buildings of the conservatoire, and benefit from adapted timetables allowing them to follow a specialist musical cursus.
The chorister cursus includes: choir practice: (4h15-5hrs per week), vocal technique lessons (30 mins), Theory lessons (1h30 – 2hrs per week) and piano lessons (or other instruments)
Choristers are recruited for an entry into 6ème (11 years old) or 5ème (12 years old).  The selection process takes into account the vocal ability of the candidates, as well as their level of theory and tests in French and Maths.
N.B. : It is possible to be both a chorister and to follow an instrumental cursus at the Conservatoire. For more information (in French) and the dates of the entrance exams :

Contact at the Conservatoire de Toulouse:
Mme Nathalie Auriol-Chaïb :  05 61 22 28 60 / conservatoire website form or contact Mark Opstad via