With your aid the Maîtrise de Toulouse can develop its huge potential as one of the leading choir school model choirs in France and Europe.  The Maîtrise de Toulouse needs funding to allow it to undertake ambitious projects.  You can download a copy of our sponsorship dossier here.

Being a sponsor of the Maîtrise de Toulouse allows you to:

  • Support a unique musical ensemble and its project, representing youth, innovation and excellence.
  • Promote the local and national musical heritage – the Maîtrise regularly programmes music by ‘forgotten’ French composers (such as Boni). The choir is one of the leading example of the renaissance of choir schools in France (following their dissolution at the Revolution).
  • Help us commission new music by contemporary composers.
  • Help us create access to choral music to an ever growing audience.

Here are a few example of our needs :

  • Transport, accommodation, and meal costs for concerts away from Toulouse / tours. Your help can allow us to give concerts away from Toulouse. In 2015, for example, the choir was invited to give a concert at the Chapelle Royale at the Chateau de Versailles.  The costs for transport, accommodation and meals for the 50 singers were considerable.
  • Each concert has specific expenses, for example : The fees for the professional lower voices / instrumentalists in order to be able to perform ambitious repertoire.
  • The costs of recording CDs. (Production, editing, church hire, organ tuning, fees for professionals…)
  • Commissions of new pieces: It is important for our choir to be able to sing new music and to commission composers, and especially to contribute to a renaissance in choral writing in France.  Even a very modest commission costs several thousand euros. To support such a project is to help both the choir and the composer.
  • Scores : The Toulouse Conservatoire has a limited budget for buying scores which isn’t sufficiant to the choir’s needs.   For example, scores for one concert programme in 2015 including the Duruflé Requiem and Caplet mass cost around 1800€ .

Advantages for sponsors:

  • Individual sponsorship

According to the law of 1st August 2003 referring to sponsorship, the reduction to tax for individual sponsors is equivalent of 66% of the amount donated.


An individual giving 100€ will obtain a tax receipt for 66€.  The real cost of the donation is therefore only 34 € .

  •  Business sponsorship

According to the law of 1st August 2003 referring to sponsorship, the reduction to tax for business sponsors is equivalent of 60% of the amount donated.

Example :

A company making a gift of 1000€  will obtain a tax receipt of 600 € (60% de 1000 €).  The real cost of the donation is therefore just 400 euros.

For companies giving more than 500 € procure the Association will place the company name and logo on our website.

Contact : mecenatmaitrisedetoulouse@gmail.com